Why Choose Sandi's Breads?

Because we use premium, whole-food ingredients.

At Sandi's we make a point to produce the most natural products possible for the benefit of your health. We mill the grain so it maintains its nutritional value. Whole milled grains include all the naturally-occuring oils, fiber, vitamins, and micro-nutrients that occur in the whole wheat berry. Benefits of eating whole grain products have been well-established and documented within the medical community.


We use only natural oils. Extra virgin olive oil, butter, coconut oil, and canola oil are the only oils we use in the bakery. You can truly taste the difference. In fact, when we moved to using coconut oil in our cookies, our own children raved about the difference in taste and texture. (You know you're doing something right when your own kids comment!)


Over the years, we have consistently put our emphasis on quality and relationships. The quality of our products is a huge priority and appreciate the support of our customers, both wholesale and retail, when they give us feedback.


We hope that you will choose Sandi's Breads' products for their high quality, great nutritional value and for our commitment to serving you with excellence. Let us know how we are doing!

The Why of our Wheat

At Sandi's Breads we understand the current concerns about food products and why folks are interested in buying organic. While we are not a certified organic bakery, we believe in using the best, most natural ingredients that we can possibly use. For this reason, we use Wheat Montana Prairie Gold Wheat, which is certified chemical free. Read below what Wheat Montana says about their own product:


What is the difference between the “Organic Certification” and Wheat Montana's “Chemical Free Status”?

Wheat Montana’s products are not “certified organic”, however grains grown on our farm are “chemical/pesticide free” proven via an independent lab test for 125 different Herbicides, Organochlorine, and Organophosphorus Pesticides, as well as Semi-volatile organics. Organic farming procedures benefit both the consumer and the environment. Wheat Montana Farms believes in the value of organic farming but we take our process one step further and subject our products to a final chemical analysis to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want, clean, fresh, wholesome, chemical free, grains! In order for us to produce “certified organic” wheat berries, Wheat Montana Farms must use “natural fertilizer or manure” (cow, sheep, chicken, etc). Since our products go directly from the field to the table with no irradiation or pasteurization, we are concerned about the possibility of cross contamination from virulent bacteria. We do not, at this current time, use animal manure in order to eliminate any possibility of cross contamination for our customers. WE DO NOT USE G.M.O. (GENETICALLY MODIFIED) VARIETIES OF ANY KIND. NO G.M.O.!!

We Mill Our Own Flour

In 2005, we purchased a Meadows Stone Burr Mill, constructed with North Carolina granite. We now stone mill all of our grains, producing delightfully textured, wholesome baked goods for you. Using either our impact mill or our stone mill we can produce fresh flours that impart a unique taste and aroma to all of our baked goods. Both of our mills preserve the nutrients in the wheat by keeping the temperature of the grains below 120 degrees. If you are interested in some of our flour for your own baked goods, please contact us.

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Why Choose Sandi's?

Why choose Sandi's Breads? Find out what makes us special.

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