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What I’m Loving Wednesday – Sandi’s Breads {Grab-a-Nola!}


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October 16 2013

Written by Jenny Albright

Meet a Macaroni Mom: Sandi Smith


Lebanon Macaroni Kid

September 11, 2013

In April 2010, the Front Burner featured Sandi's Breads. 


Baking Bread- Making Memories


Front Burner, April 2010

Written by Deb Sacca


Tom and Sandi Smith met while attending college while pursuing degrees in Agricultural Sciences. 19 years of marriage and 4 children later, they have become an inspiration for those with an entrepreneurial spirit in the culinary field.  Four years ago, Sandi was a stay at home mom tasked with home schooling her children. She decided that baking bread would be a good way to make extra grocery money so on Fridays, after Sandi and her children finished lessons for the day, she would tell the children to clear the table and baking would begin. With her children by her side helping her mix and roll dough, Sandi’s Breads was born. Sandi realized early on that she could increase the nutritional content and freshness of her bread by milling her own flour.

The Bread Experience


A La Carte Food Column

Central PA Magazine, March 2010

Written by Lori Myers


Artisan bread is just that — artistic. It has its “artistry” baked in, much like an oak table that is painstakingly pieced together by its maker, cut, polished and filled with pride. Like that table, artisan bread is hand-crafted, produced either one at a time or in small batches, with no two alike. These loaves claim a historic past that goes back to our country’s very beginnings, when women mixed and kneaded basic ingredients such as yeast, flour, water and salt.


Artisan bread’s popularity waned when commercial bakeries came out with sweet, soft white bread. By the 1950s, Wonder Bread had become the sandwich maker of choice, and busy families could plop the colorfully wrapped loaf into their shopping carts. No more kneading or mixing, and who wanted to put up with that mess anyway? Wonder Bread exemplified life back then. Easy, laid back. There was an innocence about the bread, a naïveté that seemed to reflect us as a nation.

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