12 Grain Bread

 Sandi’s Breads added 12 whole grains to make this good-for-you, scrumptious loaf. It’s the yummiest way to keep a healthy diet while experiencing the full and hearty flavor of good old-fashioned bread.

  • A good-for-you, scrumptious loaf
  • Full, hearty flavor and great for a healthy diet

Country French Loaf

This classically-shaped loaf leaves our ovens with the same creamy, full-bodied texture of its French forebearers, yet offers an even more deliciously crispy crust per square inch. A Sandi’s Breads Country French loaf is accepting of every flavor in the full foodie canvas and elevates the dining experience for even the most discriminating Francophile bread-head.

  • A foodie’s delight…need we say more?
  • Delicately crisp crust surrounding a rich-tasting classic French loaf
  • Perfect for warm brie, roasted garlic, or a favorite bruschetta

Cheese Volcano

This unique loaf impresses even the most discriminating bread aficionado. Savory French dough twisted with our own blend of four grated cheeses appears fresh from the oven with a puff of steam exiting from each loaf.  Like a good steak, it sizzles all the way from the oven to the counter.

  • Unique artisan creation of savory French dough
  • Twisted with our custom blend of cheeses
  • “What can you even say to describe a cheese volcano?!”

Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Stuffed with plump raisins and swirls of brown cinnamon, our Cinnamon Raisin loaf jumps out of its bag with a flavor you can smell before you taste. Our sweet bread enjoys being toasted and slathered with butter or cream cheese, bathed in egg for mouth-watering French Toast, or coated with peanut butter and jelly for a delicious kid-friendly favorite.

  • Stuffed with plump raisins and swirls of rich, brown cinnamon
  • Toast it and slather it with butter or cream cheese
  • Perfect for French Toast (See our recipe!)

Country White Bread

Still our favorite serve-with-anything bread, this loaf was formerly known as "Oatmeal."  We STILL take our oatmeal seriously and Country White has all the scrumptious texture and flavor you love.  Each impossibly light slice offers rich texture and a sweet, oats-and-honey flavor.  It's a pure and healthy delight.

  • Oats-and-honey flavor
  • Serve-with-anything deliciousness
  • Always available

Dill 'N Veggie Bread

One slice sends a heady aroma of fresh dill and vegetables wafting into the room, reminding everyone at the table of a warm summer day in the garden. It’s a flavor we enjoy all year long and we lovingly bake each loaf with seven different garden vegetables.

  • Heady aroma of dill and fresh vegetables
  • Reminiscent of a warm summer day in the garden
  • Seven vegetables – the ultimate bread for any savory sandwich

Everything Onion Bread

Four seeds, fresh minced onion, and garlic make this loaf reminiscent of the best New York Deli Everything Bagel.  A Sandi’s Breads Everything Onion Loaf has flavor that bursts out of the bag.  Its crunchy, savory goodness pairs well with any sandwich filling and makes a fabulous toasted vehicle for flavored cream cheese.

  • Four seeds, fresh minced onion and garlic…
       crunchy, savory goodness
  • New York deli Everything Bagel taste
       with Sandi’s Breads’ signature soft, chewy texture
  • Fabulous vehicle for flavored cream cheeses

Garlic Feta

This Mediterranean specialty combines deliciously-pungent heads of freshly-roasted garlic with a well-balanced hint of sharp feta cheese for a truly artisanal creation. Garlic lovers rejoice! Take one bite and try to resist eating the whole loaf.  

  • Fresh roasted garlic, blended with sharp feta cheese
  • Classic Mediterranean taste

Italian Bread

Crusty and hearty, it’s a loaf begging for attention and fit for a true breadhead. When toasted, the Sandi’s Breads Italian loaf transforms yet again, offering a deep and resounding crunch. It’s the perfect companion for any Italian meal.

  • Crusty and hearty with a deep resounding crunch
  • Perfect for meatball subs or soaking up the pasta sauce

Honey Whole Wheat

Better described as plain delicious, our original Whole Wheat Bread delights even our most loyal customers. Taste always comes first and with our Plain Wheat it’s followed by the goodness of freshly milled wheat berries for a whole grain taste that’s more rich and flavorful than anything we have found.  

  • Delicious! Nothing plain about it!
  • Soft, moist loaf with full whole-grain taste

Seed Bread

Our delicious trifecta of flax, sunflower, poppy, and roasted pumpkin seeds offers a delicate toasted-nut flavor and stunning visual appeal to this signature loaf. Seed Loaf has quickly become a customer favorite, especially if you like a good crunch.

  • Beautiful crunch with a toasted-nut flavor
  • Sunflower, flax, poppy, and roasted pumpkin seeds

Bavarian Rye

Sandi grew up eating the authentic Jewish Rye and Pumpernickel found in deli/bakeries in new York City and Los Angeles. That's probably why she was SO particular about this loaf. Our European customers tell us this loaf transports them home to Bavaria. Bring on the Corned Beef and Pastrami! (We dare 'ya!) 

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