Sweet Treats

Lemon Pound Cake

Some cakes need a little assistance, but not our impossibly-rich lemon pound cake. It’s been taking care of itself since it first left the oven. Baked with enough butter to satisfy even fussiest French pastry chef, the only addition this cake needs is a cup of fresh berries.

•    Rich Pound Cake
•    Baked with enough butter to satisfy the fussiest French pastry chef
•    Ready to top with fresh berries

Apple Cake

Where a secret blend of locally-grown apples meets just the right balance of cinnamon and nutmeg, you meet our delicious apple cake. It’s a seasonal tradition, filled with chunks of apple and brought back year-after-year by overwhelming customer request.

• Made with a blend of locally-grown apples
• Filled with sweet, spiced apple chunks

Carrot Cake

We mix freshly-grated carrots with crushed pineapple, coconut and pecans to create an indescribably rich, moist, and out-of-body taste experience. With its unique blend of flavors, Sandi calls this cake a transportation device – transporting you back in time to your tastiest sweet memory - and the tasteful dollop of seasonal cream cheese icing starts the ride.

• Freshly-grated carrots, crushed pineapple, coconut and pecans
• Incredibly rich and moist

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake Roll

We bake our favorite Pennsylvania Dutch delicacy with bold swirls of whipped peanut butter icing and dark ribbons of delicious rich chocolate cake because we know exactly how you like it: colossally rich!

•    A Pennsylvania Dutch delicacy
•    Swirls of homemade whipped peanut butter icing
•    Rich dark chocolate cake

Chocolate Raspberry Cake Roll

It was love at first sight when chocolate met raspberry in this indulgently sweet delight. Enjoy folds of soft, richly-dark chocolate cake entangled and swirled around delectable icing tinted red by the juice of freshly-squeezed berries.

•    Indulgently sweet delight of rich, dark-chocolate cake
•    Icing flavored with the juice of freshly-squeezed berries

Cinnamon Buns

Nothing spells sweet tooth lovin’ like a fresh Sandi’s Breads’ Cinnamon Bun straight from the oven. They’re baked to be served warm and toasty-on-the-outside with a sweet and ever-so-soft inside center and a top-dressing of citrus icing. You’ll melt for our Cinnamon Buns.

• Soft, cinnamonny inside
• Covered with sweet, citrus glaze

Double Chocolate Zucchini Cake

Jet black cocoa combined with dark chocolate chips can deliver only one possibility: the best chocolate cake you’ve ever eaten. Indulge yourself with this unbelievably moist chocolate creation.

• Jet black cocoa and dark chocolate chips
• Unbelievably moist
• Best chocolate cake you’ve ever eaten

Lime Cake

From late winter to early spring, we baptize our lime cakes in sweetened fresh lime juice for a bright, sweet, and sugary taste sensation. This refreshing cake includes juice from freshly-reamed limes, natural lime oil, and a drizzled glaze of lime icing.

•    Triple hit of natural lime: freshly-squeezed lime juice, natural lime oil and lime glaze
•    A late winter treat to bring sunshine and refreshment to your tastebuds

Pumpkin Cake

We loved the feeling of Thanksgiving and the flavor of this most beloved seasonal pie, so we transformed it into a cake. Spiced with a special blend including nutmeg, ginger, and cinnamon, we give thanks for this amazingly pumpkiny treat.

• Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie transformed into a cake
• Spice blend including nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon

Pumpkin Roll

We handroll spiced cream-cheese icing into our soft caramel colored pumpkin cake until it swirls together creating the perfect pumpkin roll. It’s beautiful for entertaining – for a crowd or an intimate gathering.

• Handrolled pumpkin cake
• Spiced cream-cheese icing
• Beautiful for entertaining

Rustic Fruit Tart

Inspired by the tastes of a country orchard in full bloom, our Rustic Fruit Tart consists of a blend of local apples and pears tossed with spices and juice, brushed with natural preserves enfolded into a delicate whole grain crust. Drizzle it with caramel, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream (or a combination of all of these!) for the perfect fall dessert.

•    A blend of local apples and pears tossed with spices
•    Brushed with natural preserves
•    Folded into a delicate whole-grain crust

Shoofly Cake

Our finest crumb-covered achievement, made with golden molasses, captures the very essence of this iconic Pennsylvania Dutch sweet treat.

•    A crumb-covered, moist delicacy
•    Vegan
•    Made with golden molasses for a truly Pennsylvania Dutch Shoofly flavor


Risen from the richest cinnamon-infused dough, our oversized stickies burst into your mouth impossibly soft and fluffy. Sandi’s Breads bakes each sticky in a secret sauce for an irresistibly schticky bite that races right to your sweet tooth. Available plain, or with pecans or walnuts.

• Cinnamon-infused dough
• Soft and fluffy
• Baked in sticky sauce
• Plain, Walnut or Pecan

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